We bring customized, wireless, interactive entertainment to your fingertips.

About Us

We are focused on enhancing your guest’s experience by incorporating customized, wireless, interactive entertainment into your already existing brand. We enable you as a company to stay at the forefront of your industry, by bringing all your guests the most interactive, fun and user friendly experience.

100% Interactive.

100% Functionality.

100% Fun.

Elite Interactive allows your guests to have fun and interact in ways you have not yet thought of.

Why Elite Interactive?

As experts in our fields, we understand the complexity, diversity and constantly changing landscape of the entertainment, cruise and game development industries. We are therefore able to create content for you that is not only unique, but will also keep your guests entertained for hours and introduce a whole new entertainment experience to them.

By employing Elite Interactive as an essential entertainment tool, there are many benefits which you will discover including, but not limited to:

Customizable content

With our knowledge of the cruise industry, we are able to take any concept and customize it to best suit your brand. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and coming up with the most visionary ideas to keep your guests entertained.

Simultaneous updates

All ships within your fleet will simultaneously be provided updates, enabling them all to stay current with the latest interactive entertainment offerings.

The millennials

Elite Interactive provides a great way for the young adults to both interact with one another as well as be entertained. Again as the content can be updated upon request, you can have the most topical and trendy entertainment at sea.

Multiple languages

On request, the programming is able to be completed in multiple languages, so that guests who are not normally able to interact with one another, can all take part in the same activity together.

For your loyal guests

You are able to update the content on a frequent basis, in order to keep even your most loyal guests entertained with frequent additions to your entertainment inventory.

How It Works

White - IOS and Android

All content is app based and is available on multiple platforms.

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The app that is downloaded by the guest is stored on the ship’s internal server and is accessed through a ‘free-links’ facility when they connect to the on board Wi-Fi network.

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Three separate, patented and specialized apps run in a a flawless union to create an unforgettable interactive experience.

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Before the tablets are delivered, they will be customized for you by removing all unwanted apps, and installing our primary app.

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Your guests use their own Wi-Fi enabled devices to download and interact with the app. No specialized controllers are required which helps to keep costs down. 

Make It Your Own

The opportunities for your company are only bound by the constraints of the imagination. There are endless ways for guests to interact with one another. A multitude of varied media formats can be utilized, thus negating the need for extensive room-based A/V technologies. Alternatively you may wish to compliment these A/V technologies instead and use the Elite Interactive system to project all of the master digital content onto the screens in the venue.

At Elite Interactive, we want you to feel comfortable with the choices being made and ultimately displayed to your guests. Therefore we enable you to be as hands on as you wish during the creative stages, or alternatively you can leave it up to the experts at Elite Interactive to create world class interactive content for you.

Meet The Interactive Experts

Tim Connor 2

Partner / Creative Director

Tim has over eleven years experience of working within the Cruise Line Industry. He has spent the past five years as a Cruise Director for Royal Caribbean during which time he spent two years onboard the world renowned Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, as well as guiding the Independence of the Seas through one of the largest cruise ship modernization projects in history. He has a wealth of knowledge about both the cruise and entertainment industry and understands how to tailor programs for any given demographic. Tim excels in unique, creative content development and will be able to cater to any and all of your needs, enabling you to take your company to the next level.


Partner / Developer

Doug is a 2D and 3D interactive developer. With an initial background in  traditional art, animation, and game design/development, he later transitioned into mobile development. Doug is also a professor and has spent over a decade lecturing in 2D and 3D art, game design and development, 3D modeling, 2D and 3D animation, user interface design, level design, mobile development, and portfolio development. From quizzes, fun family oriented game shows, to AR and VR applications… if it’s interactive, he can develop it.

Feedback & Continual Improvement

We strive for continual improvement and to stay up to date with the latest entertainment offerings. To do this we can install two specific features:

Constant Customer Feedback

At the conclusion of each event, the participants have the option to fill in a quick survey. This data will be sent directly back to Elite Interactive, so that we are able to establish and monitor all feedback and continue to further customize and improve your product.

Bug Fixes

With constant updates in firmware and devices, there is always the need for ‘bug fixes’. Elite Interactive is able to remotely monitor all devices and fix any bug issues that may arise.

Additional Services

We also offer a variety of other customization services, which encompass both augmented and virtual reality options. The possibilities are limitless! Whether it’s fun family time games, large scale interactive game show formats, or something completely different that you are after, Elite Interactive is the complete solutions package for all your needs. 

Want To Find Out More?

If you are interested in discovering more about how Elite Interactive can benefit your company, as well as what additional services and products we offer, please reach out to us as we would only be too happy to discuss in person what we have to offer here at Elite Interactive.

Our Mission

To enhance your customer’s experience by bringing customized, wireless, interactive, multi-user entertainment to your fingertips.

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